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Thursday, January 19, 2012

SuperPAC or SuperCRAP

   In 2010 we experienced the United States Supreme court ruling in Citizens United vs FEC (Federal Election Commission.) The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Campaign Reform Act of 2002.

   By reversing the laws established by the Campaign Reform Act of 2002 the U.S. Supreme Court has opened a flood gate of money and influence in to the Political Ad Campaign finance world. Which has given us "SuperPACs." In South Carolina alone SuperPACs are estimated to spend a whopping 20 million in campaign ads.

   The ruling of the U.S Supreme Court has enabled corporations, unions, and the wealthy, to indirectly contribute unlimited amounts of money to these SuperPACs. Who are currently buying up space on t.v. and other ad sources in order to run ads for and against political candidates. This has made the individual voice of people like You and I much quieter and a lot harder to hear.

   This however poses a very different question. Why should companies, and unions have a voice larger then that of the people this country was created for? Are we not a government "For the People, Of the People, and By the People"?

   When did we Americans lose our voice? When was our Government amended to be "For the Companies, Unions, and Wealthy, Of the Companies, Unions, and the Wealthy, and By the Companies, Unions, and the Wealthy? Can anyone please answer this for me?

   This past year we have seen many countries in the Middle East rise up against their over stepping and dictating governments in order to seek a voice of their own and to be heard. I believe we need that here in America. Our government has taken what our ancestors fought for and handed it over to companies, unions, and the 1%.

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